Why Stars and Smiles?

Yay!  You found me and you’ve brought a big SMILE to my face.  Hopefully, you’ll receive a SMILE from your visit, as well.

Many years ago, I heard a church deacon give his testimony during a morning church service.  He was a hard-working man that loved to hunt.  He didn’t let deer season keep him from church, though.  He’d often arrive to church in his camouflage and boots.  In fact, I believe that’s what he was wearing as he shared his faith with the congregation that morning.  I don’t remember all he said that day but one thing stuck with me. He reflected on Jesus’ promise in John 14:2 -3 to prepare a place for us in heaven and then humbly commented based on his own survey of his life and deeds, “I don’t want a mansion – a couple of shiny stars and a happy face like we used to get in school will do.”

None of us deserve that place in heaven but if we choose to become a follower of Jesus, we are promised an eternity with the Heavenly Father.  Until then, it is my goal to share “shiny stars and happy faces” with as many people as I possibly can reach.  It is my hope that what I learn on my life’s journey will help someone else who may be experiencing similar issues or circumstances.  Even more, it is my greatest desire that the SMILES I find in life will be a source of inspiration for your SMILES and an encouragement for you to spread those SMILES to the world.

Thanks for stopping by A Couple of Stars and A Happy Face!  Happy reading!


12 thoughts on “Why Stars and Smiles?

  1. It’s amazing how one person can leave a lasting impact to another! And sometimes, that impact is rippled to more people. That’s what happened when the comouflage-and-boot-wearing man in your church left you a permanent smile (plus ⭐️ ⭐️ ) in your face. And that just by reading this page, you also left me that smile and those two shinning stars from him, and the two shinning from you — leaving me four stars in all. 😊

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story! God bless you and the man in boots! 😊

    • Thank you for those wonderfully encouraging words!! Yes, it is amazing how much we can impact the life of another, even with the smallest of interactions as a smile. 😊 But knowing the great impact a smile can have should make us want to share more and more of them with everyone we can! You’ve made me smile by simply visiting my blog and you topped it off with shiny stars by being my 100th follower!!! 🎉 (I feel like there should be balloons 🎈 flying and confetti 🎊 swirling right now!) I’ll be visiting you very soon and thank you again for making my day!

      • They are right when they say, “smile is the shortest distance between two people.”

        I say, it is also the widest and shortest bridge to reach out others… even in a blog sphere where we don’t see each other.

        I don’t see your face as you smile, but your words are painting it all over the screen of my computer. And when you mentioned me “being your 100th follower,” you infected me again with another smile! 😊

        So yes, 🎈 and 🎉 should be part of this! Again, thanks a lot for this happy exchanges!

  2. What a happy place your blog is!! I’m so glad that you found me so that I could come to you. I’m sure that I will need the smiles and encouragement! And I love learning more about the bible.

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