Why Stars and Smiles?

Yay!  You found me and you’ve brought a big SMILE to my face.  Hopefully, you’ll receive a SMILE from your visit, as well.

Many years ago, I heard a church deacon give his testimony during a morning church service.  He was a hard-working man that loved to hunt.  He didn’t let deer season keep him from church, though.  He’d often arrive to church in his camouflage and boots.  In fact, I believe that’s what he was wearing as he shared his faith with the congregation that morning.  I don’t remember all he said that day but one thing stuck with me. He reflected on Jesus’ promise in John 14:2 -3 to prepare a place for us in heaven and then humbly commented based on his own survey of his life and deeds, “I don’t want a mansion – a couple of shiny stars and a happy face like we used to get in school will do.”

None of us deserve that place in heaven but if we choose to become a follower of Jesus, we are promised an eternity with the Heavenly Father.  Until then, it is my goal to share “shiny stars and happy faces” with as many people as I possibly can reach.  It is my hope that what I learn on my life’s journey will help someone else who may be experiencing similar issues or circumstances.  Even more, it is my greatest desire that the SMILES I find in life will be a source of inspiration for your SMILES and an encouragement for you to spread those SMILES to the world.

Thanks for stopping by A Couple of Stars and A Happy Face!  Happy reading!



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