A Year of Smiles – Day 317



Love is universal. It’s fluently spoken in every part of the world by every man, woman, boy and girl. But. I’ve found that love has many, many dialects and recognizing a person’s particular love language may be a bit challenging. We all have different ideas of what love looks like; therefore, we all show love in a variety of ways. It’s wise to remember this in any relationship, especially if it’s a relationship you want to keep!

This, right here, is my husband’s love language, at least some of it, anyway.

File Nov 14, 10 16 12 PM

He shows his love for me by repairing my car every time something malfunctions – which seems to be quite often! Though he’d rather take the car out back and put it out of it’s misery, he painstakingly maintains it because I like my car and he wants to make me happy.

We don’t always recognize things like checking the oil in a car or replacing a sensor for the umpteenth time as sweet messages of love. We often see these acts as mandatory. That’s what husbands are for, right? Noooo! When my husband spends his time making sure my car keeps me safe, he’s showing how much he loves me. That’s his love language and it always makes me SMILE!

Go spend some time with the special people in your life and focus on how they show their love to you. When you learn to recognize each person’s love language and quit expecting it to be exactly like yours, your relationship will be so much sweater and the SMILES will come so much easier!


One thought on “A Year of Smiles – Day 317

  1. That was my dad’s love language for us all the time… mechanic, plumber, electrician, ambulance driver, doctor, and so much more… 24hrs a day. Praise the Lord for that love language! It’s God’s own way of showing us how much HE loves us! ❤

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