A Year of Smiles – Day 68

kitten-smiley-faceReason to SMILE #68 – KITTY CATS

We have this cat.  He’s a special kind of cat, unlike any other cat I’ve met.  He was brought into our household as a little kitten by my husband who found him under a car at work.  No one knows how long the cat was under the car or how far he may have traveled with the car.  Now that I think about it, if he inhaled any exhaust fumes as a tender little kitty cat, that could explain a lot!

The cat’s name is “Guster”.  (We were watching the TV show Psyche on Netflix at the time.)  I’m not sure he knows how to be a cat.  I’ve watched him playing outside.  He’ll see a squirrel across the yard.  He’ll crouch down close to the ground and slink closer to it.  When he gets into pouncing distance, he’ll ready himself to jump as soon as the time is right.  He’ll wait and wait and….  He’ll lay down and roll around in the dirt as the squirrel runs by only a few inches away.  Any other cat would have had a tasty squirrel snack but not our Guster.

No matter his lack of cat abilities, this feline that I did not want brought into my house five years ago has become a beloved part of the family and a source of a whole lot of laughter.  Whether he’s wrestling with his favorite stuffed monkey (He has a love/hate relationship with Curious George – it’s complicated!) or standing on his hind legs to put his head into my hand in an attempt to make me pet him or reaching up to touch my hand every time I use the doorframe to balance myself as I climb the stairs into my house or meowing through the house to entice my younger son to play chase, this silly cat of ours always makes me SMILE!


Image by symbol-n-emoticons.com


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