A Year of Smiles – Day 138

Reason to SMILE #138: HASHTAGS

My work day was nearing an end and I decided to pull out my phone to check in on the wonderful world of Facebook. As I was scrolling I happened upon a friend’s post of an image which contained a Bible verse. The comment above the image read, “#bonusverse”.  I don’t know why but this cracked me up. I reacted with a 👍 then immediately changed it to ❤ but wanted to also choose 😂.  The hashtag just made me laugh.  WooHoo! I get a bonus!

Well, I scrolled just a little further and discovered that this was an ancillary post meant to backup a previous post of a verse from my friend’s daily devotion. It made so much more sense then. But I was still laughing at the idea of a bonus verse. Call now and you get this bonus verse absolutely free!  

My mind jumps track way too often, folks. 

Do you ever stop to read people’s hashtags when you’re scrolling through Facebook? They can be pretty hilarious. What’s the funniest hashtag you’ve seen?  Come on. Share your SMILES with me.

I’m still SMILING about my friend’s #bonusverse but come to think of it, it’s always a bonus when we here a Word from the Lord!


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