A Year of Smiles – Day 137

hear-no-speak-no-see-no.pngReason to SMILE #137: HIDE ‘N SEEK

It was dark. The yard was lit only by the corner street lights.  Shadows fell from every tree and structure on the property.  It was the perfect conditions for a game of hide and seek!

My family and several of our cousins were visiting my Nana.  All of us kids were bored and were looking for something fun to do.  Hide and seek won the majority vote so outside we all went.

Finding good hiding spots was never a problem for me. I was small and wiry.  I did, however, because of my muscle disorder, have a problem getting to the base before “It” caught me.  So, that night, one of my older cousins picked me up, put me on his shoulders and said, “We’re going to be a team.”

You need to know something about this cousin of mine.  He was about six feet tall and skinny as a rail.  With me on his shoulders, we were a whopping 8 feet tall conglomerate that needed a place to hide.  That was a problem.

The seeker, or “It”, began counting.  My siblings and cousins scattered to different hiding places all over the darkened yard.  My cousin, with me on his shoulders, was standing in the middle of the yard with no place to go.  Finally, he turned toward the corner of the yard and saw that the street light post was casting a long shadow into my grandmother’s yard.  He ran to the shadow and positioned us squarely withi its borders then told me to be very quiet.

“It” finished counting and took off around the house searching for the hiders.  One by one, the hiders were either found or had made their way back to base.  Meanwhile, my cousin and I were standing in the middle of the yard covered only by the shadow of the street light post.  “It” ran past us several times but never discovered our presence. Finally, the seeker gave up.  We stepped out of the shadow and we were declared the winners!

Now that was an awesome game of hide and seek!  We were standing right out in the open but no one was able to find us.  In the shadow of the light post, we were hidden.  We were shielded from being caught and were able to walk away victorious.

Life can feel like a game of hide and seek.  There are so many things seeking our attention, seeking to control us, seeking to detour us, seeking to destroy us.  We search for a place to hide from these dangers but our earthly resources can only protect for so long.  Eventually, we are found.  Fears overtake us; doubts consume us; negativity overwhelms us.

But there is a place where we can find rest from this soul-threatening game of hide and seek.  There is a shelter where we can find peace in the midst of our storms.  There is a refuge where we can find comfort during life’s toughest trials.  This hiding place is in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

Psalm 91:1 says, “He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”  Aren’t you glad we have a great, big God that casts an even bigger shadow in which we can find refuge and protection from the one who is seeking to devour our lives?  I certainly am and knowing that my Heavenly Father has everything in His control allows me to find peace even when life gets rough.

Oh, one more thing – you can’t stand in a shadow unless you are near the object that is casting the shadow.  This goes for God’s shadow, too.  You can’t stand in God’s protective shadow unless you get close to Him.  But I promise.  The closer you get to Him, the greater your SMILE will be.



Image by symbols-n-emoticons.com


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