Reason to SMILE #19: MUSIC

When you're sad and feeling blue,
 When life just gets you down,
 Turn on a song to cheer you up
 And wipe away your frown.
 When you're glad and filled with joy,
 When laughter is your friend,
 Crank up the beat to find your groove
 Then dance and jump and spin.
 A song can feed your sorrows
 If that's what you desire.
 A song can spark your anger when
 The situation's dire.
 Or a song can give you strength
 If that is what you need.
 A song can boost athletic pride
 And spirit for your team.
 Music is so powerful
 It must be used with care
 For it can grow the seeds of love
 You never knew were there!
 The weary soul is lifted;
 The broken heart is soothed;
 The sinner's even brought to faith
 By hearing the right tunes.
 So, if you are discouraged
 And drowning in despair
 Pop in your fav'rite song and sing
 Like you don't give a care!!
 Thank God for MUSIC!

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